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BMW change 740 730 740 exhaust pipe exhaust tail section

Le 29 September 2014, 11:24 dans Humeurs 0

BMW 740 and 730 near 30w RMB difference in price, while the appearance of any connection with the door brother 740 730 similar.Fairlady Z33 Coilover It also muster a lot of 730 owners and prospective owners are willing to 730 730 small change becomes 740 .. ho
Next, let us look at what are the BMW 730 modified 740 reform law:
1 Select the BMW factory 740 exhaust, the installation requires only 730 original car exhaust vent cutting and welding up the 740
Select the custom 740 American ED exhaust, just the original car's exhaust tail section removed to put 740 to install, and use gaskets, screws can be installed.

First look at renderings
          Whether using a full set of the original car kit or modified paragraph 740 + original exhaust tail pipes, tail mouth reform law, in general changed 740 BMW 730 kit are: Exhaust BMW 740, BMW 740 mouth, BMW post 740 guard, insulation panels, 740 word mark and BMW 740 hub.
           Upgrade BMW 740 factory exhaust pipe, the need for the original car exhaust pipe cutting and welding, the overall weight is relatively heavy, some SSSS BMW 730 provides is this way, so I do not here Z33 coilovers The following describes the process will be a modified exhaust pipe operation of paragraph (requires stated that: In addition to the exhaust pipe is outside modified models, others are original pieces)

Millions of the BMW 7 Series, also retained the 730 pairs out of the exhaust that unilateral effects, that is not enough on the grade, the BMW 730 740 exhaust pipe modification completed, compared to the original exhaust pipe, the feeling is not more of the atmosphere out?

Car modification, modification, where would you most like?

Le 24 September 2014, 10:20 dans Humeurs 0

Car modification, vehicle upgrades, in the eyes of the majority of Chinese residents is already commonplace, especially in developed cities, Z33 Shock absorber car modification shop, modified cars everywhere.


The city's residents have a car full amount straight up, make modifications to the car and would like to be modified car owners is constantly on the rise. Let me see, what car modification parts are modified.

The network: the network modification is simple, but the effect is very prominent obtained Exhaust: Exhaust although it is not the entire exhaust system have changed, but the exhaust tail pipes is certain to change the beautiful, charismatic, pedals: SUV models fitted pedals seem to be necessary, the roof Luggage rod: Originally, this two pole is used to support the luggage rack, luggage and the like, but now is doing the decorative. Fixed tail wind: Actually given the role of tail wind is only reflected to a certain speed, usually not constant air role, G35 Shock absorber but the visual effect is great and beautiful, car modification, what you most want to be converted?

Mercedes SLS AMG by Brabus

Le 18 September 2014, 10:49 dans Humeurs 0

Brabus is now available with the aerodynamic kit for the SLS the left turn signal. Full throttle announces the tuner with the expected engine tuning.GTST Shock absorber Then the Gullwing could drive over 700 hp. Convinced of the resident in Afalterbach Mercedes factory tuner AMG is of each of its cars.

When word tuning, however, the eyes of the professionals turn to narrow slits. Roll the souped-up racer, however the court of Bottroper tuner Brabus, also the Swabians lured with Aufmotz official license from the reserve. Currently provides a first tuning stage for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for conversation. Brabus comes with an aerodynamics kit made ​​of carbon and selected technical details in advance. At a later date - possibly at the Essen Motor Show 2010 - including the 6.3-liter V8 is then equipped with significantly more horsepower. So far, ten additional hp the greatest feeling,Nissan GTR Shock absorber the Brabus elicits the 571-hp engine. An exhaust system made ​​of titanium, with damper system to regulate noise, allowing small performance gain.

Brabus asks mentioned especially the Gewichtsersparung: A good 40 percent over the standard exhaust system saves the Brabus model. Under the default "ultra-light" and the other components of the aerodynamic kit have been developed. The Bottroper SLS should let his brother series namely look in handling old. More downforce on the front axle, stable ride through an aerodynamically beneficiary rear and an electronically adjustable, even sportlichers chassis are the attitudes of the Brabus SLS. Recognizable the tuned race car is the carbon look of the spoiler added. In addition, Mark additional air intakes in the front fenders to the expected performance boost. Refined it is below the shoulder line and the cockpit of the Brabus SLS: 20 and 21-inch forged wheels (F Platinum Edition), developed specifically for the SLS,Nissan R33 Shock absorber the total weight facilitate good twelve percent. In the interior the driver of the illuminated door sill trims are pampered on a compulsory sport steering wheel to the fabric of the seats with the finest materials. But the utmost delicacy for PS-Freaks is the new speedometer scaling up to 400 km / h! A promising outlook on the expected engine tuning. More about AMG Tuning.

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